Sunday                                                                                                10:29 am
1 november,2015                                                                                  gurgaon

dear diary

today was my best day. i had an opportunity to visit a cultural fair in my village. i got to know about many new points about a cultural fair.
      as soon as we all entered the place their were many stalls set up to the sides. many of which were mostly having games like hoopla, ball in a jar which actually looked like a bucket, pool table, pop it balloons and many many more games.
     walking a bit deep into the stalls there came the time for my rides these rides were also many of them which were my favorites like the giant wheel ride or the Columbus ride. i really like all of them but never got the chance to get on them.
today with great difficulty i convinced my parent and we all cousins uncle aunties everyone got on we all enjoyed together.
 then we moved on to the important part of the fair that is the mahalakshmi temple betting and walking on the fire coal. i was really tensed in the beginning then later understood what was happening.
      though it was a tier full day i was amazed to know all these things about a cultural was actually a family get together in the cultural fair. i had a lot of fun. maybe even this day will get to a memorable day.