Once there was a girl named saina she was very rich and didn't care about here money. She bought hundreds of things with money wasted things as much she could...ONCE  her parents went somewhere out and left her at home and they gave her rs 6000 because the electricity money was due to give.. One day while her parents out only she went out shopping without switching all the lights and fans off. so she used the given rs 6000 which was given by her parents for the electricity bill in shopping and when she came home she saw her parents back and amazed bcoz saina had left all the lights and fans on. saina's  parents  were filling the electricity money which now was around 1 lakhs  5 thousand rupees. Saina was scolded and punished she realized that electicity is not a thing to waste shhhhe found a solution and now she checked every light or fans if they were on or not

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Once in a village there was a girl named mina she always used to listen to her parents when .on the side there liveds a girl named maria in the town she was very rich. but she never felt how her parents worked hard to earn money , she would just go on wasting it . while mina was poor and cared about her fathers money.
one day maria's parents went out to shop and told her to stay in house and if she wanna go out she wouls switch of the lights fans .same was told to mina by her parents mina swiched all the light and went out while maria did not notice and went out to play maria and mina's parents came back home maria's parents were shocked to see that every light and fnan was on the scolded maria and she promised never to do it again. mina had been good so she was rewarded with 50 rupees
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