Dowry system is an age old system according to which, the family of the bride has to give big gifts to the members of the family of the bride groom.During the ancient times,this was considered a help to the bride and bridegroom who are starting their new life.But even today in the 21st century ,this evil has its roots in orthodox Indian families.
The way the bride will be treated by her in-laws depends upon the amount of money and goods she brings in.The family of the bride has to purchase everything from spoon to fridge.If the demands of the family of the bridegroom are not fulfilled,the wedding can be called off.Even if the wedding takes place,the bride is tortured by her in-laws.This leads to dowry deaths which are on the rise in India.She has to torture a lot.
Girls are the light of the house.We need to give them the freedom to rise above daily challenges.Let them not feel like they are a burden to their parents.It all depends on how you change your outlook.
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