Answer - True
Because consider how the black hole big would be! Because due to gravitational effects and the event horizon affecting to the sun as black hole the earth would be freeze
Tell me the answer is it right or wrong I''m not sure about this
I too don't know the answer. But assuming the gravitational law to be valid, force will remain same as mass of sun(as blackhole) and distance between sun and earth is not changing
If the Sun is compressed enough to become a black hole, it will be less than 6 km. It will exert no more gravitational force on Earth or the other planets our solar system than it does now. Because it will contain no more matter than it does now and it would be no closer to the planets than it is now.So according to me the answer is no..
Actually if you are talking about an black hole , black hole is the which which doesn't consists of any matter in it , if our earth become a black hole it'll shrink upto even less than the size of the wall
sorry ball not wall
Actually , in real situation , for black hole of our sun's size we need a star bigger than our size , & it'll absorb our earth
but not our sun is applicable for it
star needed bigger than our sun's size