George and J. wake up at six the next morning, and cannot get back to sleep. J. and George finally wake Harris. Harris volunteer to make scrambled eggs, promising that they will be delicious. But Harris has no idea how to make scrambled eggs, but George and J. enjoy watching him make a fool of himself in the process. 
           Next the men pass picnic point, where Henry VIII is said to have courted Anne Boleyn. The boat then passes the spot where Earl Godwin choked after being accused of murdering Edward the Confessor's brother. When lunch time arrives the men are disappointed to discover that they had forgotten to pack mustard. That night the friends stay at an inn in Marlow.
          Next morning the friends stop for lunch in a village, and Montmorency chases a large tom cat. As they continue on their journey they see a dog floating on its back down the river. George, Harris, and J. pass a number of landmarks near the idyllic village of Wargrave and Shiplake. That night George and J. head into the village of Henley for drinks; Harris stays behind on account of an upset stomach. As the men approach reading, J. describes several important historical events that happened there. As they approach Goring, they spot a dead women floating in the water. J. later learns that she killed herself after having a child out of wedlock and being abandoned by her family. The men try to wash their clothes at the Thames, but succeed  in making them more dirty. They pay a washerwoman to do their laundry, and she charges them three times the normal rate because the clothes are so dirty. The friends spent 2 days in Oxford. On the journey back from Oxford it rains incessantly. Though they swore to complete the trip the men decide to abandon the boat and spent the rest of the trip in inn in Pangbourne. As the novel ends they decide to end the trip and Montmorency barks in agreement.