Seismic waves continue to travel and move through the earth’s crust. Its impact to the crust will depend on how far the seismic waves have traveled from the epicenter. The farther they have moved from the focal point, the more these waves lose their strength and cease. The energy caused by these seismic waves will cause the effects of earthquakes like the shaking of the earth’s surface. The energy produced by the seismic waves will determine the strength of the shaking of the earth. Mild earthquakes can cause damage but not as much as created by a very powerful earthquake which can crush high rise building and homes. Seismic waves that are strong can even create a rumbling noise while shaking the earth which is very terrifying. - See more at:
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Yes different places have different reasons for the occurrence of the earthquake.
for example in the situation of uttarkhand the reason for the earthquake is of over and unlimit construction of buildings etc....
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