A youth generation plays a very major role against corruption.If a youth company starts a revolution against corruption then definitely india will be a corrupt less country. controlling corruption is self discipline, Youth must understand, how to earn by self and he himself should understand to which line is good for him.

Like law, fine arts, sports, medicine, engineering etc. to take such lines teachers and parents must guide them by looking in to his interest, marks attitude etc and show various openings in that line for him. 
Once youth understand as what he can do better; he himself understands which line is more fitting to him and he understands various avenues open for him in that line to earn money. 

Thus to understand youths role; his parents and teachers are responsible and must guide properly, So that he becomes perfect citizen and earn his bread with dignity this will control corruption. 
I feel school must appoint psychologists to stream line such things and guide youth to take proper line of study and earn by dignity to control corruption.
at the end i wanted to say that corruption is one of the very big problem of india and we should pay attention on it and also we make people aware towards the corruption.