Dear sir, I need of your help need of a speech for A.S.L in the topic of environment pollution i need of it quickly because i need to represent it to principle sir in front of camera so please help as soon as possible i want some points incluse in the speech

1] Noice pollution

2] Air pollution

3]Water pollution

it is recommended that the speech should be of more then 1 min and less then 100 sec. Thanks




There are generally three major sources of pollution of environment, sound pollution, air pollution and water pollution. The shrill and loud sound of the automobile horns that are electrically operated, the use of loudspeakers with uncontrolled volume of tone, bursting of crackers, all these create tremendous sound pollution.
         Air pollution is another curse to the society. The smoke emitted through the exhaust funnels of miles or by the exhaust pipes of automobiles are equally dangerous to human chest, throat, lungs etc. 
        Water pollution is also a curse. It is found especially among the people living in rural areas. In villages, the people have to depend on the tanks or wells for their drinking water, this is most unhygienic. The polluted water when drunk can cause stomach troubles, and bring cholera, diarrhea or dysentery, or plague and epidemic in the locality.
        Another major cause of pollution of environment is deforestation. With the growth of population, the need for making new houses and factories compel the citizens to destroy in order to make room for such projects.
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