Sweets have a lot of Sugar in them and we know that sugar has a sweet taste.Thats why sweets taste sweet.
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    Tastes are sensations caused by the stimulation received by the taste buds in our mouth.   There are two types of sweetness taste buds in our mouth on the tongue.  The taste buds respond to or interact with the chemical compounds in the food tasted, and send signals to the brain through the nerve fibers.  Taste buds are usually a cluster of a hundred or less cells.

      A chemical called neuropeptide Y when stimulated by the food eaten, informs the brain that sweet substance is present in the food.   On the other hand the chemical causing bitterness is detected by a taste bud with chemical Chloecystokinin.

       Sweetness is tasted when the food contains a lot of carbohydrates, sugar (sucrose).  Sometimes the psychological condition like happiness also causes sweetness to be perceived/sensed.
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