It was yesterday night when I had my dinner and decided to go for a night walk with my  sister. I went on and on and I saw a bright light . I saw there were some strangers. I and my sister were very scared. we discussed whether to stay there and follow the strangers or rush to our homes and tell our parents. At last we decided to follow the strangers. As per our decision we followed the strangers. After a certain distance we saw that the strangers disappeared. we were very amazed and shocked to see that . so, we went to our house. i told the whole incident to my other sister .she suggested us that it might be some aliens from space . Then she talked about aliens . We were interestingly listening. after that we went to our rooms to sleep. At morning we were continuously thinking about the incident. so I told the same incident to my teacher. my teacher ignored this by saying that it was my dream.

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