Poem on mother land :-

Where every thing dear
All wanting priest
Only the Jhban
That's my Hindustan
As of Ghalib's ghazals
She is lovely Taj Mahal
Nishan of love
That's my Hindustan
Where is the bed of flowers
Where amber sheet
Eye extends sea
Everyone is pleasant IK Manzar
He waterfalls and winds;
Get all cows in harmony
Love song where
That's my Hindustan
Where the sun plate
While donations have teacup
What is Fiza hearted
Holly is ever so Diwali
He stole bindiya anklet
He sari Henna mascara
Sama is colorful
That's my Hindustan
Rivers said on Blkhaan
Birds somewhere.Yes Itrayen
Spring swing Fly
Where are Angint Languages
As morning dawned
Rang the bell at the temple
And Ajan in mosques
That's my Hindustan
Somewhere in the streets is Bhangra
Said cart is rubbed in
Thousands of mango varieties
These chausa she is Lngda
Take then came free day
Everyone waved tricolor
Fire from here and there
While my Hindustan....


poem on waterfalls :-
 From high up 
The rushing water leaps
 A daring dive into the unknown
. Unrestrained It tumbles down, 
eyes closed Savouring the adrenalin rush Of bold youth;
 It flows in breathless flight Crystalline streaks of exuberance.
  Deafening The roar of fulfilment 
As waters meet and avidly merge.....

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it should look like we written from our own and i juz want only of 2 paragraphs
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Little Girl Be Careful What You Say

when you make talk with your words ,words

for words are made of syllables

and syllables , child, are made of air

and air is so thin air is the breathe of god

air is finer than fire or mist

finer than water on moonlight

finer than spider webs in the moon

finer than water flowers in the morning

and words are strong too

stronger than rocks or steel

stronger than potatoes, corns, fish, cattle,

and soft too soft as little pigeon- eggs

soft as the music of hummingbird wings

so, little girl when you speak greetings

when you tell jokes make wishes or prayers

be careful be careless be careful

be what you wish to be.

                            by carl sandburg

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is this ok
if you have another plz give that also . i juz want of 2 paragraphs and it should look like i had written from my own bcuz my english teacher is so strict
i have attached an image u can have a look
its name is independent strategies