Agricultural helps us to improve the country's GDP and also helps us to know the position of our country in different field.It also helps our country to compete with other countries.
Agriculture helps us to full fill our basic needs i.e. food.
Without food one cannot do any work.
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    Agriculture basically produces food (grains, fruits, cane, flowers, vegetables, nuts etc.).  Agriculture is a way that farmers produce food needed by the people of the country.  Agriculture also gives income to the farmers and peasants.  Agricultural products are produced by many industries.  Agriculture and Agricultural products (based industries) give employment to crores of people.

    The country's Gross Domestic Product is dependent on the agricultural produce in each year.  The budget is dependent on that.  Agriculture also adds to the health of economy.  Agriculture also adds to the self-reliance of the people of a country.

    For India agricultural production is a (traditional) prestige and national matter that guides economic policies.  Many industries that produce tools, vehicles, fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, pumps, needs for preservation , transport survive due to good agricultural produce. 

   If sufficient food is not available for people due to any reason, then there is chaos and unrest among people.  That destabilizes the government and peace in the country.
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