Bharat Ratna Maulana Azad died on February 22, 1958 as Education Minister of India. He was a great Nationalist leader, a staunch Congressman, a firm Gandhite and had been to jail several times. As a lieutenant of Mahatma Gandhi, the statement said Maulana Sahib injected in the public life of the country a new favour.He was the embodiment of the spirit of freedom and unity beyond distinctions of caste, creed and communalism. His intense patriotism, his capacity for sacrifice, his dedication in the service of the country is shining examples for the people of India to follow.He was a pillar of strength to the Congress ever since he joined the organization. Whether as President or as a member of the Working Committee, Maulana Sahib’s voice was the voice of an indomitable fighter for the country’s freedom and its unity. Those who remember the days of the Muslim League agitation are aware how Maulana Sahib stood four squares against communalism.
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As one of the leaders of the Indian freedom movement and after the attainment of freedom, as one of the architects of new India, Maulana Sahib brought to bear upon his task qualities of leadership which will leave their impress for a long time to come.

A savant philosopher, statesman, politician and administrator, Maulana Azad was an institution in himself. He worked for the country till the last breath of his life and died serving the people of India.