A six letter word, yet it has a lot of meaning.Beauty in itself is not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside.
Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. It can be the oak tree that is swaying in the wind, or it can be that little four year old girl that is running around with a bubble blower in her tiny hands. Beauty is perceived differently by everyone. Someone may see the beauty if a leaf that is blowing in the wind, while another person may not even see the beauty of that particular leaf. It is really up to the person that see the beauty of life. There are no specifics, so there isn't any way to judge beauty.
There are many beautiful things that I have seen in my life so far. I see many things that hold beauty, I just take the time to notice it. From the powerful muscles of the horse that make it move so graciously, to the beauty of a creek along the road. Those are just some examples of what I see beauty in. I can go into depth about the things that I have seen, but I fear it may be too long to write about. I will write about five things, maybe one or two more after five, but I would like to go into depth as to why these things are beautiful to me.
So when I saw this topic The Most Beautiful Thing I Have Ever Seen, writing about it was a must. The way I see beauty may be different than someone else, but it is to be expected. We all see things differently. It takes a creative person from the inside out to see the beauty of everything. Remember the oak tree that is swaying in the wind ant that little four year old girl who is still running around blowing bubbles from the bubble blower that is in her tiny hands. That is beauty at its finest.
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