energy crisis in the country is becoming graver by the day and it is every individual’s responsibility to save our natural resources. Energy, climate change and global warming are clearly linked.
The temperature of the earth has risen by almost 0.8 degrees Celsius in the last 150 years and if this trend continues, the temperature could rise by an alarming 6.4 degrees centigrade by 2100. Most of our electricity is made in thermal power plants that burn fossil fuels (mainly coal) and release large amounts of CO2. As we continue to consume more and more power every day, we are depleting our fossil fuel sources. Today, the need of the hour is to understand the importance of conserving these resources. The country is already facing a power deficit and to live in power tomorrow, it has become very essential to save now.
Tata Power Club Enerji recognizes the immense value of the contribution that schools and school children along with college youths, teachers, partners and the society at large can make to help curb the wasteful usage of natural resources.