Air Pollution :- Air pollution is caused by harmful gases such as  carbon dioxide (CO2),  sulphur dioxide  and  nitrogen dioxide  and very small particles of  carbon . Most of
Pollution  is when something is added to the  environment  that is harmful or poisonous to people, animals and other living things. Smoke in the air from factories is a type of pollution as it is bad for your lungs when you breathe it in.

Water Pollution :-  Water pollution is the presence of harmful material in water, such as   sewage, dissolved   metals , waste from   farms   and   factories   and includes   crude oil   spilled from shipwrecked   tankers .

Noise Pollution :- The harmful noise in our environment, such as the sound of cars in a city, loud speakers, etc. is called noise pollution. Noise pollution can cause ear problems or even permanent deafness, especially to older people. Noise pollution can be defined as the unwanted sound in the atmosphere

Light Pollution :- Is too much artificial light at night which makes it difficult to see the stars and planets.Light pollution is an effect of modern civilization. It is most severe in highly industrialized, densely populated areas of North America, Europe, and Japan and in major cities in the Middle East and North Africa, but even relatively small amounts of light can be noticed and create problems.Posted by Harsh Goyal(student)on 10/2/13
There are different types of pollution. they are:
land pollution.
sound pollution.
water pollution.
air pollution.

land pollution: 
when you are polluting land it is called as land pollution. you pollute the land by throwing waste like plastics.

water pollution:
when you are polluting land it is called water pollution. factory waste are dumped into water!

sound pollution:
sound of horns of vehicles polluted sound.

air pollution:
smoke from factories, volcanoes ect pollutes the air!

thank you.
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