Dial up connection:-This is the most common basic type of connection available from ISPs (Internet Service Provider.In Dial-up connection, we use our computer, dial a phone number (provider by ISP) to get connected to server at Providers end through which we access Internet.It means we are not directly connected to Internet; we access the Internet through an Internet Service Provider.
ISDN(Integrated Services Digital Network):-The process of connecting to server to access Internet is almost same as Dial-up, but it offers connectivity through the use of digital phone lines instead of Analog.It offers Internet connectivity at speeds of up to 128 Kbps, allows the user to receive or make calls simultaneously on the same line.ISDN comes through a regular telephone wire from the telephone pole on the street.The line combines two 64Kbps channels to offer 128 Kbps bandwidth broken into three bands: One band for the ringing signal of our phone, one band for our telephone conversation and one band for data transfer
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