If it is to be made on a paper, you can print a physical miniature map and add some content , I f a model, then you can , if u r able to, make a model of India, using palter of Paris, but u might need the help of an adult. Practically two triangles, , It does not have to be perfect, After paint, poster paint, it will look beautiful, then maybe after using poster paint, the pencil lines u made might be nearly invisible, you can always redo it with marker pen, after the pain dries. Maybe after drying, the paint might start to get cracked, So, just after it it dires, take a little bit of oil, rub it slightly on it, And then it will be perfect!
You can take a big map and make folders where the physical features are located and put a photograph of it in the folder you can also take the soil found in a place and stick it u can do this by mixing glue in the soil then directly putting it on the map this can give your map a 3d look you can put flags on the top of the soils to mark places you can get a+ for this presentation but dont forget to stick gelatin paper over it