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Sender's address
(leave a blank line)
date: eg. 3 november,2015
(leave a blank line)
reciever's address:include designation followed by address
(leave a blank line)
(leave a blank line)
subject: objective of letter in straight forward manner
(leave a blank line)
body: in three paras
.   1st para : introductory para   
.   2nd para : details..cause reason of writing the letter
.   3rd para : conclusion ...wat actions to be taken etc.
(leave a blank line)
complimentary close(without leaving any blank line write the senders name in the next line)
sender's name

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On the right side your own address.
Leave one line and write the date.
On the left side write 'To'.
Next line the person you are sending (say for eg:The Principal).
Next line the address of the former whom you are sending the letter (say the address of your school if you are sending the letter to the principal or the class teacher)
Subject-write the subject in the middle of the line.
Next line Respected Mam/Sir,
Next line the body of the letter.
After finishing the letter next line on the right side of the page write "Thanking you".
Next line on the right side write "Yours faithfully" or "Yours sincerely" or "Yours truly".
Next line on the right side write your name.