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Women have all the right men have and they own equal half in he politic as well as well as other matters.

They have also made continual progress in sports and studies and all other matters that men do.

Women have always been harassed, but now, women r fighting against it!

Females have always been meant to be weak and frail, but lady boxers like Mary Kom have proved them all wrong.

Women have always been restriced of many things, in Islam regions, Rules like Sati and all have always been treacherous to women, But ladies as well as government have banned these.

Now women are also growing brainer and stronger than men!

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Women were not given much importance in olden times.but the gobernment have made 6 fundamental rights .one of them is the right to todays life the women is given the same right as the men.beform harming a women we should always recall that women is the one who has given birth to us.she is tje one who has taught us to talk,to walk,to eat,to write and many more.women in some places are still under estimated.we should show them the rights of them and teach them to fight this way we can improve the status of women in todays life.
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