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   Many countries in the world are facing Energy crisis.  India is facing a lot of shortage of Energy that is required for residences and for industries.

   The number of gadgets, appliances and equipment have increased tremendously in the last two decades.  Energy production has not been up to that scale.  The number of industries has increased a lot.  There are new techniques, new machines, and efficient technologies to save energy consumption.  Still the energy required is much more than energy produced.

   Many of the vehicles used may not be fuel efficient.  More and more of  the gadgets and machines are based on electricity.  Some people waste energy due to negligence or deliberate carelessness.

   So many rural areas in the country are not given electricity for 24hrs in a day.  Often power cuts affect small scale industries and farmers.  Most important for production of materials and food are electricity/energy, raw materials and people to work.   It is clear that  global productivity of the country depends on energy.

   Also energy (gas, electricity, oil, petrol etc.) are subsidized by the government.  Government pays funds for importing fuels.  So shortage of fuels and energy means  using more of government funds towards imports.

    So we are facing energy crisis.  To rectify that we need to install and set up many solar power plants, alternate energy plants, atomic and thermal plants.  Atomic power can be generated in large amounts.  There should be more of these in the country.
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