Geographically, India is as vast as it is varied. As the seventh largest country in the world, it spans an amazing 3,214km from north to south, and 2,933km from east to west. The coastline stretches for over 7516.6 km. If we measure through scale, the total geographical area of India would be 32, 263 sq kms and occupies 2.4 sq kms of the earth surface.
yes ofcourse.
i am living in india and i will say all about it.
in the north india is sorrounded by himalayas.
in the south india is sorrounded by indian ocean.
in the east eastern ghats and west bengal and bay of bengal..
in the west western ghats, arabian sea.
the biggest river in india is ganga and the tributeries of ganga are yamuna and son.
the second biggest mountain in the world is k2 and is situated in india.
there are many rivers in india like sutluj, ganga, bramaputra, kaveri ect.
thank you.
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