I want to make a project on topic how does contemporary cinema help us in understanding pre modern past? i have taken movie jodhaa akbar

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not dt easy
sry i read essay as easy but i don't want a essay i want in detail
pls i want an answer
even i hav to do it n i m nt gettin d answer frm ny place


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Good your selection is right jodhaa Akbar is the right film ti these kind of projects.
u can explain the problems faced by the Hindus in the ruling of Muslims and the different kinds of weapons used and the type of dress they wear etc....
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ur wlcm
Ur selection is best but u should tell that how akbar made good relation ship with rajputs and their sweet memories like akbar has removed the tax which hindus used pay while going to yatra if u tell good about that movie ur point will be strong among all
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