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                                         Save Nature to Save Mankind

Where are the days when lambs and kids used to frisk and frolic down the verdant valleys?  Where are the days when the brooks and streams flowed down the slopes merrily? Where are the green meadows, pastures and terraced fields? Where is the pure blue sky with cotton-like cirrus flitting merrily high above?

The canker of industrialization has converted every town and city into hell. The sylvan beauty, which was so ubiquitous, has been replaced by factories and mills. The skyline that once was dominated by tall pines is an ugly sight of stacks spewing toxic fumes! The problems of Global warming, melting glaciers, decreasing forest covers, dwindling species of plants and animals, depleting ozone layer, etc. loom large on the future of mankind.

The clear rills and brooks that were picnic spots have been converted into drainage channels, carrying effluents to the river, which has become a bigger channel carrying the muck to the sea! The entire world is losing its beauty and purity. The mankind a silent witness to this ugly transformation is waiting for some angel to come down and do the cleaning, preserving, and pollution managing!

How can we prevent this deterioration and degradation of our environment? The task of conserving and preserving it is quite Herculean.  The only solution to the critical environmental issues is people’s mass participation in saving the environment. Mass forestation drive, and stopping the use of fossil fuels altogether can solve this problem.

There are other alternative fuels available. The government must act strictly. There should be a ban on fossil fuels. The government must create forest belt near every city or town. Toxic emissions of industries must be strictly regularized.  Installation of toxic smoke and effluents treatment plants must be mandatory at every industrial unit. With these measures strictly and immediately implemented the environmental health will improve considerably.

If we succeed in implementing all the above mentioned measures, we will be the beneficiaries; our coming generations will be able to live in a purer and healthier environment. This will be our best gift to them, as well as us.

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What a hectic life it is! We are not at all caring about us. Nature that is a crucial gift is day-by-day going away from us.Due to a busy life , we get no time to admire nature and have moved away from it. Let's know how it happens. First of all, let's know what is nature... It is the natural living world present around a human. Lush green grass,flora fauna and animals including humans are a part of this lovely essence. But these days, we are so busy nd have a monotonous life, that we are not considering about our health. There are many benefits of it. Grass helps us to remain stress-free. Waterfalls make our souls rest peacefully. Everything makes us feel soothing. So, it is rightly said that, "What is a life full of cares, when we have no time to stand and stare." Hence, we should admire this nature which is a wonderful gift. So let's refresh ourselves in scenic beauty and leave hum-drum life. Knowing all this, let's follow this.
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