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We all should earn money to live not live to earn was invented as a common denomination by man.It was used for the exchange of goods and storage of profits.Although money is of very great value the actual value of money differs from country to country.It also has different names in different countries. Ex in UAE , we call in Dhirams n India you call it rupees. In olden days the value of man was higher than the value of money but as the time passed the value of money increased very much and the value of man decreased in comparison to it.We need money to life life, we need more money to live comfortably and most money to live luxuriously. Money is a good servant but a bad master.When we spend our money we should be careful.We should not waste money unnecessarily but also learn to save money for future use. We should earn money in only right ways as earning money in illegal ways can be dangerous so earn money truthfully andlive happily.
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