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Hello everybody, hello Madhu4267,

It's not very easy to present a poster which will be informative on one hand and tasteful on the other. I have a really nice proposition of a poster which shows how different types of toilets we can have, how they work and what kind of damage they could inflict on the environment and our health (courtesy of

Whatever you will choose, I believe that showing the direct effect on people is one of the best ways to convince them that what they do is wrong. For this purpose, the posters attached should be quite sufficient. 

Be sure to create your own project using those as refference. You will also need to include the information about etiquette and ignorance. You can for example: 
    - Show a person turning away from a poster such as the one in the attachment,
    - You could take a picture of proper toilet, put it in the green circle to how that it's good. To correlate, you could take another picture, like in the attachment, that somehow indicates open defecation and make a big red cross on it to indicate that its's bad.

I hope you're gonna do well with your task, 
Cheers! :)
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