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   Sports and games are very important in our lives.  Sports and games cause us to enjoy our time, pass our time, and share our feelings with our friends.  We learn to play individually and also play as a team member among a team.

   Games and sports are a good physical exercise.  Our body develops and grows in a balanced way and also we keep fit.  Fitness contributes to our health.  Games help coordination among our limbs and our brain.  So our intellectual growth brings along good physical growth.  Games and sports also raise emotions in our body.  They give a lot of satisfaction and so the nerve system is also exercised.

   Games and sports are big money nowadays.  Good players in many games are able to play in professional leagues and earn a lot of money.  There are many careers too for good players as coaches, commentators, organizers and curators in the concerned associations or in educational institutions.

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