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The green house gases helps in trapping the heat and increasing the temperature of the atmosphere. The green house gases help in raising the temperature by 8 degrees on an average. If the green house gases were totally missing, the temperature would have been much lower than what it is today. The winter season would be more uncomfortable as the temperature will go below 0 degrees most of the time.
Another catastrophic effect might be extinction of humans and some animals. Carbon dioxide, which is one of the most important green house gas, is also the main component of photosynthesis. Without carbon dioxide, there will no plant on this earth and we can't get food. Since the primary source of food(plants) can't survive without carbon dioxide, human race will be extinct without it.
Another important thing is global warming would not happen without the green house gases.
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winter temperature may depend on location... perhaps not as severe as 0 deg. and less.. green house gases raise temperature by 8 deg. in how much time duration ?
That's not the point. What I said is "If temperature in a location is x degree celsius, then the temperature there without the green house gas will be less and on an average, it will differ by 8 degree"
It doesn't take any time to raise the 8 degree. It is already raised.
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Green house gases are responsible for maintaining and controlling temperature in the world so it's obvious that it plays a very major role in our environment.carbon dioxide,CFCs,water vapor are some main green house gases of earth. If the green house gases disappear from earth The average temperature of the earth will decrease drastically and hence there is no life is possible on earth. 
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