I read in the _______________________ school.Our principal is Mr/Mrs___________________.The school is situated in the heart of our city.It is far away from the dust, smoke and noise of the city.Near the gate there are two small gardens in which there are grassy lawns,flower beds,fruit tree and a beautiful fountain.Our school has two science labs,a big library and a reading room.The library is full of books on all subjects.Every student can borrow books from the library.There are twenty two teachers in the school.They loves us very much.They all work hard in teaching us.They help all the students in all possible ways.They also take care of our health and character.The Principal of our school is a very caring person.He/She does not allow students to attend school in a dirty clothes.His/Her morning talks after school prayer is very impressive.We all are taught honesty,truth etc from him/her.Hence all the students of our school are obedient and well mannered.The best thing in the school is the arrangements of indoor and outdoor games and debates.I love all my teachers in my school.I am very proud of my school.
All children like their schooldays. But on my first day in school I cried a lot. When I remember that I feel funny. I have many friends at school. My best friend is Ismail. We study and fight together. We have activities like story telling, singing, recitation etc. Our school begins with morning prayer and ends with national anthem. Everyday we have assembly. We have many teachers in our school. During the PT period we play a lot. On Mondays and Tuesdays we have yoga and music classes. Every year we have sports day and annual day. Students are divided into four groups for competitions. We have a small garden in our school. There is a small fish pond in the garden. There are lot flowers in the garden. We take care of the garden. Our principal is very kind and strict. I love my school.

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