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    Long ago the electronic means of telecommunications have allowed people to keep in contact with their friends, colleagues and relatives far away.  Due to the advent of integrated electronic chips, advances in computers, miniaturization of electronic devices and inventions in telecommunications fields, the revolution happened in telecom.

     The ease of use, affordable prices and small size of mobiles enabled popularization of cell phone communications.  Hundreds of millions of people in India have the cell phones always with them.  Due to the popularity the cell phones included many features like games, maps, calendar, appointments, alarm, torch light, music, horoscope etc.  With the merging of internet and mobile phones, the revolution is just awesome.

     Now purchases, communication, social site interaction, telephone directory, learning knowledge, official communication, photos during family occasions etc. are all done on mobile phones.

     The change in the life styles is just great.  People always keep the cell phone with them as the most important possession.  A day does not pass without communicating on the cell.  In the fields of medicine, education, industry, competitive exams, film viewing, social gatherings, engineering etc. telecommunications enabled revolutionary changes.  Transfer of information across network is used in every field.
    The e-business exploded due to telecom revolution.  People order their purchases on their hand sets or on computers.  The number of television channels have multiplied many folds.  The number of news channels on TV is quite large now.  The telecom revolution has enabled women and children to be braver.  Public awareness of social evils and scientific approaches have dominated the scene.

     Nowadays, CCTVs has changed the way police works and  security is taken care of.  GPS changed the way logistics is tracked.  Often for many persons who are on travel, telecom connectivity enabled being on their duty always.

     Now in Digital India program, the information highways allow governance on mobiles.  They allow digitization of records of people and lands.  They allow interdepartmental communication transparency.  Already identification of people is associated with their mobile phones.  Customer care is automatically done with complaint logging done automatically and it is handled across cities.  Thus business process outsourcing has been possible due to telecom revolution.

    Telecom revolution has enabled many persons to get jobs.  Increased the level of living and safety in one sense.  Space industry and defense industry progressed a lot.  Also, the techniques of cheating too improved a lot.

     The telecom revolution has earned the government a lot of revenue.  A number of multinational organizations started their operations in India.  Unfortunately the import of many hardware appliances, gadgets has created a large gap in imports and exports.  However, India has been able to progress in many ways closer to the  developed world due to telecom revolution.  Development continues continuously without a stop.
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