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There are 3 types of hackers:
1. White Hat Hackers
2. Grey Hat Hackers
3. Black Hat Hackers
White hat hackers
they are the master criminals who wants a huge amount of money for themselves.
Grey hat hackers
They may use their skills for illegal or legal acts but not for their personnel profit.
Black hat hackers
they are known as crackers or dark side hackers. they also crack and steals or deletes data unlike white hat hackers but they do it for future use.
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It is of three types:
1. White hat hacker: It is a type in which kids spent a lot of time with the computers such that they suddenly submerge themselves in the cyber-security
2. Gray hat hacker: It is in between these concepts. Person may use his skills for legal or illegal but cant for his personel purposes
3. Black hat hacker: It is about destroying the files in the computers, stealing data for the future purposes.