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I am 14-year old girl. My name is Anushka jain. Jain is my surname. My grandfather gave me this name. I quite like my name.
I live in Delhi’s Mall Road area in a rented flat. Mall Road, adjucant to Delhi University is a well-known locality. It is a neat and clean place with all modern amenities. My father is a lecturer in a college. He teaches Chinese there. Besides Chinese my father can speak, write and read Hindi, English and many other European languages. He has told me that Chinese is not easy to learn. My father, walks down to his place of teaching.
My mother is also highly-educated, but she is a housewife. I love both my parents from the very depths of my heart. They are so fond of me. My mother helps me in my home work and lessons and tells me fascinating stories. They are mostly from Indian history and mythology.
I read in class VIII in a public school. Our school is co­educational. There are many girl and boy students in my class. They all are nice and friendly with me. But Gitanjali is my best friend. I go to school daily in the morning by school bus.
I am healthy and tall compared to my age. I like many games but I like playing football, the most. We play in our school’s playground after classes. Our Games-in-charge is a very nice person. He was a national champion in football in his young age and won many prizes.
My friends often come to my house. And in return, I also visit them. I talk, read and play with them. I have a sister. She is sweet and lovely. She is fond of comics and poems. I help her in learning rhymes and poems. She goes to a school near our house. She is a student of Vth standard. My father intends to shift her to my school from the next academic session. Then we shall go together in the same school bus. I look forward to that day.
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My name is . I study in . My school's name is . I am years old. My favourite game is . I love to do .My ambition is to become . My mother's name is and she is a/an . My father's name is and he is a/an .I am having a brother /sister. She is elder /younger to me. The teachers in my school are very nice. They teach me very well. I will do a lot of hard work. I will fight every hurdle bravely. I will always help others. I will help poor. I will spread awareness among people to save environment. I will make my parents proud. I will become a good citizen of society.
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