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1.  Area of a park.  for grass cutting, planning the number of plants.  Perimeter - related to path length around it.   Area of a road for laying concrete/tar.

2.  Wall paint or wall paper - area required and price / cost associated with that.  6. shapes of beds, tables, cell phones, computers are rectangular.  The doors are rectangular.  Agricultural fields are rectangular.

3.  Shape of a cycle frame - without wheels, seat and handle. is two parallelograms merged together.

4.  Shapes of ladies purses, the chair bases are trapezoidal, front edge is bigger than the edge on the back.
5.  Rhombus shape is used for writing traffic signs on sign boards.

6.  Lockets are designed some times with Rhombus shape.  Diamonds are cut in Rhombus shape.  Delta planes and kites have Rhombus shape.

Questions are related to the using formulas for the surface area, length of diagonals, the relationship between sides and the diagonals, and the perimeter.

Usually the length of perimeter or diagonal or the area is to be calculated and then the price or cost is to be found.  Also the amount of  material required given the sizes.
Or, the size of the quadrilateral is to be estimated when given the cost limits and other specifications, during design.

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