Child labour is an illegal act, which is still being practised in some parts of our country. Young children are made to work when the must be going to school. these children are really innocent and are not strong enough to do hazardous jobs. it deprives children of their childhood and it is also mentally, and socially harmful and dangerous. Child labor is a work that keeps children from attending school.
Child labour - at first what is child labourwhen small children ,such as the ones aged below 18, are forced to do difficult tasks such as working in chemical factories and etc forcibly or by some reasons or family problems is known as child labour.
now, in India the rate of child labourers are very much but  think it is decreasing these days.Because of the efforts made by our government,oue pulic and even some of us.Actually if people began to bother about our country then definately our country and childern of our country will become free of child labours.