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plant are defined as muticellular organisms. they are of heterotrophic mode of nutrition . plants are divided in cryptogamae and phanaerogamae 
crytogamae are divided into 3 groups thallophyata , bryophyta , pteridophyta.

thallophyta is the simplest plant organisms with no differentiated body . then comes the bryophyta it has differentiated body but no vascular tissue ,then comes pteridophyta which has a differentiated body , has a vascular bundle but does not bear seeds. 
phanaerogamae are divided into 2 parts gymnosperms and angiosperms .gymnosperms bear seeds and are naked and angiosperms bear seeds they are not seen nakedly . angiosperms is divided into 2 parts dicot and monocot .dicot are those who has one cotyledon and monocot are those who has 2 cotyledons .
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Plant kingdom:-
1.They are multicellular eukaroytic .
2.They are autotroph(make their food material by the process of photosynthesis)
3.Cell wall present.
4.zygote retained to become embryo and exhibiting heteromorphic alternation of generation.
5.Examples: Moss ,fern,pine Apple,etc.
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