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Water will have higher specific heat compared to metals Copper and Silver.  Water has a specific heat of 1 cal/gm/K or  4.18 J/gm/K.

As copper, Silver are metals and conduct heat and electricity very well, they generally take very little heat to get hotter by 1 deg.  So specific heat will be low for metals or good conductors.

Is the 4 th element Hydrogen?  Then it has the highest specific heat..

For diatomic gases, the Cv = heat capacity = 5/2 * R  which is [ ΔQ /ΔT ]_V.
           so Cv = 2.5 * 8.314 J/K/mol  = 2.5 * 8.314 /2  J/K/gm

For the constant pressure:  Cp = 7/2 * R
         so  Cp =  3.5 * 8.314 / 2  J/K/gram

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