Good morning respected principal sir madam sir and my dear friends 
i am _name _ i am of _class_ today i want to say speech about global warming 
    Global warming is knotting but heating the earth firstly i want to say you what is the meaning of global warming . global warming means global means earth and warming means heating it means heating the earth this global warming causes due to green house effect so we need to reduce pollution so to reduce pollution we need to plant more and more trees so please plant trees so we can save our life's so to near near places go by walking or use your bicycle so i hope you will follow this 
thank you 
an increase in the temperature of Earth due to fossil fuels in industries and agriculture process is caused by human natural and other gases emission is called as a global warming. solar radiation sinks into the earth atmosphere and warms its surface along with infrared radiation imitated by Earth's surface is observe and dietary annotated by trace gases. due to greenhouse gases we have began to experience climate changes occurs in Earth's atmosphere . higher concentrations of greenhouse gases which we which are present in our atmosphere increases global warming because they enhance the heat trapping capicity of our Earth.