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     If you are talking about the toppling of a stationary block on an incline (or horizontal surface) due to a force F acting on a side face of the block, then usually it is directly mentioned regarding toppling over or turning over of the block.

    If the toppling is about a vehicle traveling with a speed v on a curved road (of radius R) with a banking angle Ф, then:

    Toppling or over turning occurs if the torque around the center of mass is non-zero  ie., not balanced between the friction and normal forces.

   For finding the net torque one needs the dimensions of the vehicle, the width between the wheels and the height of the vehicle or center of mass.

  With out the dimensions of the vehicle, we cannot find out the conditions for toppling over.
So when the dimensions of the vehicle or the block are given, you may need to check the net torque , which is about the CM.

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