Once I was walking in the park with my best friend Neha and we were enjoying ourselves. We wen't into the butterfly arena in the park to see butterflies  but instead we saw something that melted my heart. You see, the butterfly arena had to be suitable to butterflies, So it had a-lot of trees and plants. And that means there will be birds over there.We saw a Beautiful parrot lying on the path with a broken wing.It was sick and needed somebody to care for it. I felt so sad for it, I felt like crying! Soon it was time for me to go and I did not want to leave the poor parrot alone. So I started thinking, I thought long and hard and finally came to a conclusion that i was going to take the parrot along with me. So i gently picked up the parrot and took it home. I gave it water and bandaged its wing. Several months had passed and the parrot became very close to me Its wing had healed and it had learnt to talk. soon the time came for me to let it go. I couldn't do it I felt so sad. But It was to be free and happy. So it took it to the terrace and i saw it fly away into the sky happy and free. i went back into the house very sad. and suddenly I heard a very familiar voice. I turned around and saw my dear friend parrot! It had come back. 
That is the story of my pet parrot.