By keeping proper signal stops , by making the road into 100feet road we can control traffic
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1.  Many parallel lanes in the same direction.
2.   Multiple paths between frequently visited destinations.
3.   Platform for walk and pedestrian crossings clearly marked and identified.
4.  Controlling and preventing animals from coming  on road.
5.  At busy roads and junctions, having many police personnel for directions and supervision.
6.  Arrangements for quick action for removing any obstructions on roads, like some vehicles met with an accident.
7.  Good and well seen traffic lights at high altitudes on tall posts for busy junctions.
8.  One way paths on certain narrow streets, with to and fro paths conveniently made available and not too inconvenient for any one.
9.  Roads must be repaired quickly if damaged due to accidents, rains, cyclones etc..
10. Clean roads free of garbage, dust etc. 
11.  It should be possible to separate slow moving vehicles and fast moving vehicles in to different lanes.
12.  There should be many  underground passes and overhead bridges for pedestrians to cross roads.
13.  The duration of signals should be in such a way that people do not have to stop for long time duration at successive traffic lights with in a kilometer or so.
14.  Controlling the occupation of road by parked vehicles, autos, street sellers.  This is important.
15.  There is a lot of traffic jam due to vehicles taking a U turn at a junction of in the middle of two junction.  Some better way of control.
16.  Control of buses to stop well inside the bus stops and not away from the bus stop.
17.  Construction of many fly overs with all possible ways for going from one direction to another.
18.  Education on lane driving.
19.  Lectures on driving, safety, traffic in schools and colleges.  About two hours of interactive sessions must be made compulsory.  One or two hours of lecture session or video sessions for every driving license applicant.
20.  The speed of vehicles, which go at maddening speeds, should be controlled in some way.
21.  Road widening where possible.
22.  Provision of many parking lots for 4 wheelers to 2-wheelers, perhaps in multi-storeyed or underground lots.
23.  Good checks on vehicle conditions on high ways.  Building protections on both sides of the roads on state high ways and national high ways.
24.  During festivals suitable traffic controls on busy roads.
25.  At the toll tax collection centers, the delay in serving each vehicle should be minimized.  During festivals or special occasions, the wait duration is very high.

   We have also many different methods for controlling  Air traffic,  Ship and boat traffic, and Train and tram traffic.

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