Princess September is the story of girl, the youngest of nine sisters to the king of Siam, whose practice of naming his daughters after seasons and months resulted in the ninth daughter being named for the ninth month of the calendar year, September.  Being the youngest, and very beautiful, Princess September is subject to ridicule and bullying on the part of her older siblings.  Their father, the king, has a tradition of handing out gifts on the occasion of his own birthday, and on this particular birthday he presents each of his daughters a beautiful green parrot.  September’s parrot dies, and the young girl is inconsolable until a nightingale flies into her room and begins to enchant her with its beautiful songs.  Princess September is restored to her previous gaiety, but her sisters, jealous of September’s good fortune, trick her into keeping the bird in a golden cage, ostensibly for its own good.  The bird, however, slips into a seriously deep funk, including lying prone as if dead, and refusing food or drink.  Pleading for it to return to hits happier, musical state, September finally coaxes out of the bird its reason for letting itself slowly pass away: “I cannot sing unless I am free, and if I cannot sing, I die.”  The princess complies, the bird is rejuvenated, and the princess goes on to marry the king of neighboring Cambodia.  A happy ending for Princess September and the nightingale.
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