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So This morning I had a chance to meet Madam Kusum Arora, principal Delhi Public School, Rohini
Principal Ma'am explained her plans for improving the infrastructure for the next quarter. Please find a brief report of the conversation!

Me: Thank you Ma'am for taking out time out of your busy schedule! I hope you would also be aware regarding the concerns being raised for not proper facilities for students at various places in school

Principal: Oh yes! Thank you for addressing the topic straight head. I want to express my views regarding the same and hope you would be my voice to other fellow students by conveying our conversation.

Me: Absolutely Ma'am! I will write a report regarding what you feel about this issue.

Principal: So how it all started? Earlier on I was only aware about basketball court not proper that one of the basket for the goal was a bit broken! & we had plans regarding improving it for the next quarter, as finances by the trust are provided on quarter basis. But how come even the necessary facilities like toilets started going bad?  I would like to know from you!

Me: Yes Ma'am, you are right, they were all fine till a month ago and then we came to know that water was flowing out of boys toilet and creating mess in verandah. An inspection demonstrated that one of the urinal was broken and it could have been due to someone hardly hitting the pipe. At that time outlet to that boys toilet was closed and it had caused more boys going to toilet meant for primary classes. It led to mismanagement of facilities as secondary student had longer classes and so toilet remained not cleaned next morning.
So Besides toilet and the basketball court benches for many classes are not proper. They are old and need replacement. Many of the benches have their wood broken and are not suitable for two people seats.

Principal: Thank you for raising these concerns! Our next priority will be to address these issues. We had our focus on capacity enlargement. and these issues are also imprortant as they cast negative image of our school. So i will make sure that if such an incidence (Like Breaking of toilet & benches) Facility Administrator may be able to take action based on a particular budget set for maintenance

Also please convey that if some activities of indiscipline is creating loss of school property, that student, or a group of student are liable to face strict punishment.

As the concerns for the not proper facilities were coming to my attention, i also have been getting information about the indisciplined elements who do not take care about school property and are more engaged in quarrels. 

They should be more mindful regarding their behaviours otherwise they could even be rusticated from school.Do you know that students in schools of Japan treat their school as their home. They do its cleaning and treat the place with utmost request. So also be my voice to  those indisciplined elements present in schools.

Me: Thank you Ma'am for your insights. This brief interview with you has served two purposes. One regarding the maintenance of the facilities and a message to undisciplined students

Hope it helps
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