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In summer season we should take care of our health specially because the weather is too hot.And this is the time to fall sick quickly.In this time we should drink water lot .Atleast we should drink 4 to 5 litre  water a day .We should also drink drinks like glucose etc to get our body stamina. We should not eat very spicy food it may harm us.While we are going outside our home we should always take umbrella otherwise we will feel very dizzy in the sun .After returning home we should not drink water we may fall sick. We should take bath every day or it will cause us fall sick as in summer season our body produces a lot of sweat . And it may cause germs in our body.We should use cool powder to keep ourself cool.        HOPE IT HELPS U  . PLZ MARK AS BEST
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First is that drink lots of water and eat juicy fruits that are all summer fruits like mango ,watermelon as in summers your body loose water by sweating so it helps in maintaining water in the body .And when you go out in a sun use sun'scream on your skin it helps in protecting your skin from sun .And also if you want to feel fresh then take a bath at least twice a day and it will keep you cool in summers .
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