A flask contains a solution with an unknown amount of HCl. this solution is titrated with 0.0207 M NaOH. it takes 4.47ml of the NaOH solution to complete the reactions. what is the mass of the HCl?

What is the molarity of the HCl required or the volume for complete titration?



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H Cl + Na OH ===>  H2 O + Na Cl

Number of moles in the 4.47 ml of 0.0207 M solution of Na OH :
         = 0.00447 * 0.0207  moles

So number of moles of H Cl in the solution mixed is same. 
Mass of HCl =  molecular mass  * number of moles
                     = 37.5 * 0.00447 * 0.0207  gms

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