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   There are not many disadvantages of Swach Bharat Abhiyan, specifically.  It is actually a good campaign initiated by prime minister for awareness of health among rural areas and among poor.  Also it raises the level of living of those uneducated people.  Even though it is most important and health related, it could end up as "Money spent a lot, It became a Stunt, and no Change We Got".  But hope that happens not.

1.  First of all, the need to initiate a campaign like this tells the disadvantages.  It is the people's ignorance of health matters. 

2.  The lack of funds with people to construct toilets for their houses.  So government or other volunteering bodies have to contribute funds.
3.  There are not many fresh and pure water supplies for the rural and urban areas.  Arrangements have to be made.

4.  Perhaps some corruption could eat up some part of funds.

5.  All people are interested in living just like that.  Cleaning and having to clean garbage is not a fun or an interesting work.

6.  Interest shown initially due to the campaign being high priority has died down now.  So sanitation workers probably are probably doing the work as before or, have improved in their performance.

7.  Still  there are many locations in cities and towns  that  are smelling and stinking horrible.  It shows that sanitation people work properly only when there is a push and funds are poured in.

8  There are many locations where garbage boxes are not placed in many cities.

     The  disadvantage is not in the abhiyaan.  Perhaps it is in the approach of people towards that.  Swach Bharat should not be just a campaign.  Cleanliness should be integrated in to the lives of people in villages and cities, automatically in the social living and in governance.

   Till that happens no abhiyan can really change the situation.
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