B-101 xxxx society            
Ahmedabad    (Friend's address)
Date:xx xx 2015
Dear xxx,        
               How are you? I'm fine here. How are your studies going on?
As you know that the festival of diwali was on xx xx 2015. Every year as usual I celebrate it with all my family members, burn crackers and ate lots of sweets and chocolates. But this year I did something different. I didn't bought any fire crackers and did no shopping for new clothes, instead I saved that money and bought lots of interesting books in English like alphabets books, grammar books, short story books etc. and some chocolates with money left. And guess what I did with them!! You may think that I bought it for myself but no I bought it for the small children living in my village. I got this amazing idea when I went there in summer vacations, I saw that the children were too much interested in learning English from me and wanted me to tell some English stories. Their curiosity gave me an inspiration to do something for them. So I bought these books and gave them the books to read they were happy and the joy on their faces was overflowing like flood water. I felt so proud and happy that it cannot be described by words.
               Now, I've decided that instead of wasting money on noisy and polluting fire crackers I would buy something new for those children every diwali and this is my diwali resolution!!
Your lovingly
(your name)