Healthy food simply means food which is not harmful to our health whereas junk food is very harmful to our health. Consuming too much junk food can lead us to severe diseases. Healthy food might not be as tasty as junk food but is a hundred times better than junk food. Junk food has several ingredients in it which may make us fall sick. In case of healthy food there is no such concern. All things or ingredients in it are suited to one's health. But the world today or we are preferring junk food as compared to healthy food. Without looking at the affect it will have on us. But as compared to healthy food junk food is much more tastier and that's why the world today is preferring it. According to some studies one should not eat junk food at all. But we can't resist. So eating it in a limit will also do. Both junk and healthy food have their own advantages and disadvantages so we can't declare anyone a winner. The match between junk and healthy food is tied according to me.