One day a mother brought her eight years old son to a great saint . she bowed down to him and appealed to him to solve her problems. She said my son eats a lot of jaggery I am tired of telling him not to do so but he just does not listen to me. Please advise him to give up eating jaggery I am sure he will listen to you.the saintl looked at the young boy. He then told the mother madam please bring this boy to me again after a week . after seven days the mother brought her son to the saint again the mother and the son greeted the saint and sat before him. The saint called the young boy near him he patted his back and said dearboy from now onwards please do not eat jaggery you must listen to what your mother tells you . THEN young boy folded his hands in reverence qnd promised to give up eating jaggery. The mother was astonished .she thought if the saint had to say just this to the boy, why didn't he do so seven days ago when I had first brought him her ? She was puzzled . she asked the saint to explain this. The saint explained to her madam I used to enjoy eating when I myself ate so much jaggery what right did I have to ask the boy not to eat it ? If at that time I had told your son not to eat jaggery it would not have had any positive effect on him for past seven days I have denied myself jaggery . so my words have a greater effect . the saint was none other than gyaneshewar the great saint of Maharashtra. MORAL: PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH
Plz explain this story in the hindi also.
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It is knothing but a boy like jaggery he will be eating only so his mother went to a saint to make his son to not eat jaggery but saint only will eat so he asked 1 week time to mother so after one week he said to boy to not eat