1.Write a story using these outlines - A good boy - disobeys his parents - gets into bad company - father gives him some good apples - tells him to lay them aside for a few days - places a rotten apple among them - the rotten apple spoils the good ones - a lesson on bad company.Give a moral and a suitable tittle .2.You have just returned from a visit to a hill station. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her why they should also visit the place.3.You are the head boy/head girl of your school/collage. Make an appeal to all the students to celebrate Diwali without fire works this year and donate the money to an orphanage, In above 50 words. 4. Re-arrange the following words to form meaningful sentence - birthday/ Mark/ give/ you?/ present/ when/ his/ will5.Frame sentences using the words given below - a. Panch b. Friendshipc. Christmasd. Barne. GiftfGifoMoleg



4 When will you give mark his birthday present ? 1. Long time ago, in a village there lived a very honest family. They had a son. He was also very honest like his parents. One day he meets some bad boys, and they him their friend. Slowly, slowly he gets into bad company and he too becomes like them very bad. His father got to know about this . He tried to teach him a lesson. He called in his son and gave him some apples and asked him to lay them down and puts a rotten apple in between. After some days he again calls his son and him how one apple can spoil all the good ones. The boy then knew his mistake and left the company of bad boys and became good and honest once again. Moral:One rotten apple spoils the whole basket OR One rotten apple is enough to spoil the whole basket. OR No matter how good an appleI is one rotten apple is enough to spoil it.