....Suddenly i heard a scream of a child from our neighbours house! I wore my slippers, rushed down, opened the door and went to that neighbour. There was continuous screaming. I became panic and called the nearby people to see what's the and some other guys broke into the house and saw that a room of that house was on ablaze. And the child who was screaming was trapped in that fire. The parents of the child were also begging for help. Some people fetched some buckets of water and threw them to put down the fire. Fortunately the child was saved and there was no sign of sorrow. His parents thanked me and I moved to my house. I started watching my favourite serial again.hahaha. I hope it is helpful!
it was Sunday I was watching television then I don't from no where suddenly there was a loud sound calling out for help. so I just left the television on and I ran out for seeking out whose that calling for help. o just crossed the near by house then there was a sudden power cut which was really socking for me because there wont be power cut at all near the place I stay. so I was just checking for my phone but I did not found it out so I was again immersed in check that person I crossed my whole street but I did not found out him. but from no where my best buddy prince came and he was saying come on buddy lets go to you house I just flowed him. so I did not observe the path he was talking me then I don't know he took me to his house and he said now you be calm don't think about the shout you have heard. so suddenly I remember that I kept the television on I ran to my house like a rocket leaving my friend behind. when I went to my house there I saw a black body lying down on the floor so I was tensed what to do know then I was like a human who had no other choice. then the body started moving I was throwing all the thing I got to my hand but it was coming toward me only. then I was shouting for help form others so my cousin brother named mukul came there and he helped me to come out of that house and save my life.

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